Perform With Me is a performance series of dialogues inspired by actual conversations that I have had with various people that I encounter. Some are taken from text or email exchange while others were actual conversations spoken aloud. And there are times I steal conversations from those overheard at coffee shops and other public places. I am fascinated with the way we talk to each other and how particular our conversations sound at this moment in time. These dialogues would sound very different if they were written ten years ago or ten years in the future.

I invite others to perform these dialogues with me to break down the wall between artist and spectator. I want to invite anyone to perform with me to prove that art isn’t just for “artists” and performing isn’t just for “actors.” Together, we can bring text to life and like magic–we’re all artists and we’ve all just put on a performance. 

Perform With Me was featured on an episode of Ear Meal! Check it out here: