I came on as a guest on All the Things on Riverwest Radio on June 22, 2016 to promote my performance in Milwaukee. And then I just kept coming back! Here are all the episodes where I make a guest appearance! 

FEMFEST! We get pumped about femfest 2017! And Monica Miller and I promote our femTALK discussion: What's So Bad about the F word?

New Year, new show idea? The Floyd-Pruitt siblings and that Loughmiller Girl (aka me) tell stories and crack jokes. 

In this episode, I help Ellie reflect on her 20s and I read an excerpt from my silly play: Conversations of my Twenties: The Longest Decade of Our Lives

Brother, sister & friend episode! I join Ellie and her lil' bro to share Thanksgiving traditions as well as other family stories.

AN ENTIRE EPISODE DEDICATED TO What's Really Got Me Going!! Ellie and I discuss Manic Pixie Dream Girls at length, I read a letter and Ellie sings an amazing song she wrote! 

Finally got back on the show for What's Really Got Me Going where I call out one comedian on racist tweets and praise another for her general awesomeness. 

Enjoy another rendition of What's Really Got Me Going mid-show! This time I cover SNL's "discovery" that Latinas can be funny too...

The tables are turned when I interview co-host Ellie about food and why she loves it so much! 

What's Really Got Me Going with some very special, hilarious friends who share what has really got them going too. Topics include: favorite airlines and silly snacks.

The birth of my recurring segment: What's Really Got Me Going where I talk about Pokemon and Plagiarism! 

I listen along with co-hosts Erika and Ellie fellow guest, Cheston to an episode of Youth Rise Radio and we talk about it. 

My inaugural episode on All the Things where I manage to talk about my crush on Milwaukee, the other cities I've dated and my performance perception.